Why are the questions that people ask so important?

Answering the questions that your target audience is asking is the best way of increasing engagement and organic traffic.

Content Ideas

Content Ideas

Discover the goldmine of content ideas from the questions people ask

Content Ideas

User Intent

Discover user intent by understanding what people are asking.

Content Ideas

Competitors Questions

Find out what questions your competitors are addressing to answer.

Create better content with Outranking's Free People Also Ask Questions Tool

Data-Driven Content

Outranking provides a list of questions to help you create better content by eliminating guesswork.

  • What is your target audience asking?
  • What information are they looking for?
  • What are the most common questions that people ask?
  • What are the most related questions from Google's People also ask box?
  • What questions your competitors are answering
Data Driven Content

Most Comprehensive List of Questions

Outranking provides the most comprehensive list of related questions that people ask about any search term or topic.

  • Questions from expanded Google's "People also ask" box
  • Questions extracted from the top 50 organic search result's content
Data Driven Content

Discover New Content Ideas

Finding new content ideas may be overwhelming if you don't know which topics can attract the target audience.

  • A comprehensive questions list will help you in understanding what answers you are missing.
  • Answering people's questions about a new topic will improve organic traffic and website conversions.
Data Driven Content

How does Outranking go beyond the “Answer the Public” and “People also ask”?


When compared to other sites, Outranking provides a significantly larger list of questions related to the search query.


Outranking extracts questions from both Google's "People Also Ask" box and the top 50 ranking content on SERPs, while "Answer The Public" extracts questions only from Google's auto-complete function.


When compared to other sites, Outranking provides a significantly larger list of questions related to the search query.

What else would Outranking be used for?

Find Questions That People Ask

Simply run your search query to get the most comprehensive list of questions.

Build Content Outlines and Briefs

Create comprehensive outlines and effective briefs with Outranking Content Editor Tool.

Research and Create SEO Content

Create SEO-friendly content that ranks. Reduce research time to under a minute and get detailed suggestions to increase your SEO score.

Perform SERP analysis

Analyze Google SERPs and top-ranking results content in incredible detail for the most important SEO factors.

AI-Powered Content Writing

Use AI-powered (GPT-3) rewriting and editing capabilities to generate SEO content faster. Get AI-curated outlines from the top SERPs.

Competitor Analysis

Identify ranking opportunities by understanding what competing web pages are doing right to rank. Analyze competitive SERP data to determine what to include in your content.

Frequently Asked Questions

Google SERPs change depending on the user's location, search history, and profile. Google decides whether or not to show the "People also ask" (PAA) box on SERPs. So, just because you see the PAA box when you perform a search query doesn't really mean that other users can as well. Even if they do see, the questions or their order can vary. Furthermore, in rare situations, the top 50 pages may not contain any questions in a proper format, or all sites may be preventing the questions from being extracted.

There are a few simple ways to use the provided questions to create better content:

  1. Answering Most Related Questions

    Just choose the most related questions and pick a set of questions to answer. When answering those questions, try to use exact questions that people commonly ask. You may also use those questions as section headings or subheadings.

  2. New Content Ideas

    The provided questions may inspire you to find a new idea that is also compatible with the user's intent. Even if the content idea was used and some of the competitors are ranking, you can still rank by giving more comprehensive answers by covering all aspects.

  3. Optimize Existing Content

    You can use some of the questions which are suitable to add some of your existing content by answering them. This simple trick may help you to target some extra organic traffic by just answering some questions that people ask.

Outranking's free questions tool does more than just pull questions from Google's "People often ask" box. It identifies and extracts all relevant questions from the top 50 ranking Google SERP results. In addition, when you manually click to get extra questions to appear, we automatically click to extend Google's "People also ask" box for extracting more questions.

Answer The Public uses Google’s autocompleting feature to extract questions, while our tool extracts questions from Google's "People Also Ask" box and also from the top 50 ranking content on SERPs.

As a result, our tool outperforms “Answer The Public” in terms of capability and the number of related questions.

  1. Find questions even if they do not contain the search keyword.

    Whether or not the question contains the focus keywords, you can obtain all related questions.

    For example, when you perform a search query with "seo content" to get all related questions, our tool is able to identify questions like "What are some common mistakes in digital content production?" and "How do I optimize my content for featured snippets?"

    If you notice that those questions do not contain the search term but they are still super relevant.

    "Answer The Public"would not be able to find these questions because it is looking for the questions matched with the search terms.

  2. Significantly Larger List Of Questions

    Outranking returns a significantly larger set of questions specific to the search query term.

    We extract questions from Google's "People also ask" box and also from the top 50 ranking content on SERPs.

    Besides that, Outranking free tool is able to perform search queries even if they have long-tail keywords. And this feature allows you to get more questions.

    "Answer The Public"only able to get more related questions if you use broad keywords like "content" or "content marketing" while our tool can handle long-tail keyword search queries like "the best content marketing strategy"

    Despite our free tool, longer tail keywords produce fewer results in "Answer The Public."